Saturday, August 16, 2014

Be "Made in India": Promote Indianism

Promote "Made in India"

Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Independence Day speech rightly and timely stressed the need for promoting Indianism by calling for "made in India" products. His Independence Day speech mostly focused on making our country a manufacturing hub and developing the lives of our poor common man.

Till now much attention has been given for making our country an IT hub. Thereby manufacturing sector has somewhat been ignored or given step motherly treatment in our lust for IT.

Narendra Modi is now taking a bold and timely step to drag the attention of all industrialists to concentrate on promoting "made in india" goods and services. It can be a great twist for attaining self sufficiency and economic development.

Our country has enough technology and resources to be capable of producing all types and kinds of goods required for our needs. But due to the convergence of MNCs and Metro style of living, our people have been mostly tilting towards consumption of western countries' products since a decade or so. They have become a bit of blindly getting attracted towards the foreign glamour and hifi living standards.

This kind of craziness is not to be found in other countries. All of them love their own culture, traditions, heritage and lifestyles and are not dragged madly towards foreign lifestyles and cultures. They mostly try to preserve their own heritage and culture and their country's prestige and reputation. But our people, mostly new generations, are becoming averse to our heritage and living styles and getting more easily attracted towards western culture and lifestyles.

Due to this change in lifestyles and habits of our younger generations, our country's products are getting less demand in the markets whereas foreign brands and products are being increasingly consumed by our people. This is a great drawback for our industries as their products do not attract much market. Our PM's call to MNCs should correct this position. Much attention requires to be given by our business men to concentrate on production of good quality indigenous products especially in the sectors of electronic goods and textile products, which control major share of the market demand.

True patriots of our country and our heritage should contemplate on this problem very seriously and find some solutions. A kind of "Modifying' our country throughout each point and level of economy is required. Our attitudes and lifestyles should also be overhauled and revamped completely to bring back to Indianism.

Please try to understand the values of our heritage and traditions and the inner essence and science of those practices and lifestyles. Our culture and heritage is so great since thousands of years back which inspired all other parts of the world. Our science, maths, philosophy, astrology all are so great and superior to all others. We must be proud of our heritage and culture and adapt them and show our greatness to foreigners instead of imitating their lifestyles.

Show Indianism in all your actions, thoughts and lifestyles. Become an embodiment of "made in india" personality. Tell people how great your country is and spread Indianism.

Our spirit should be somewhat like this, when we meet people:
(E suit meri dekho
E boot meri dekho,
E walk meri dekho
E talk meri dekho,
E style meri dekho
E smile meri dekho,
E car meri dekho
E tab meri dekho,
E sab ke sab hai dekho......
Made in India......)...
I Love my India

Friday, August 15, 2014

Independence Day and actual Independence

Most of us are very proud to shout loudly and say that we are Independent.

Our country attained Independence from British Raj, after a long struggle of freedom fight and on loss of many great heroes' lives and loss of much property. Much blood has been spilt all over the corners of country for many years and the unforgettable Jallianwala Bagh well is the witness of our people's sacrifice.

Our great father of nation, Mahatma Gandhi with the cooperation of many great selfless heroes fought bare handed with those rulers armed with many sophisticated weapons and attained freedom for our lives from their tyranny.

Now, we are happy to feel ours an Independent country and reap the fruits of all their bloodshed.

We simply commemorate their sacrifices on a single day like this and feel quite satisfied that we have done our duty to thank them. Some of us may not be doing even this small favour to our heroes. We enjoy a holiday delighting ourselves with picnics, parties, sweets and chats. Our duty is over. Done much to pay our homage. Is n't it?

But, even so, I feel somehow that we are still not Independent.  

All around, I see the shadows and gallows of western culture, fashion, lifestyle haunting our people, especially our younger generation. It appears that they are still in the shackles of foreign rulers and not got freed from them.

Our Indian country has great culture, great heritage, art, science, music everything which is never lower than other cultures. Then why do we get attracted towards other glamorous lifestyles instead of promoting our lifestyles and culture? Why are you so weak and easily fall prey to those artificial things leaving your own country or region's high valued natural lifestyles which are far more superior than those western styles?
You will get much more satisfaction and comfort by following your own heritage and lifestyle instead of mimicking other countries.

Try to learn the greatness of the lifestyle and culture of your country and your native region and practice it always. Be proud of your country, your state, your city, your village, street and home and have the guts to shout loudly and say that you are a guy from your place and you love and be proud of what you are. 

Free yourself from the bondage of western lifestyles and be proud to live as an Indian.